Detention Song
Nazwa oryginalna: Detention Song
Nazwa polska: ---
Wykonawcy: Gumball i Darwin
Odcinek: Nauczka
'Detention Song jest to piosenka śpiewana przez Gumballa i Darwina w odcinku Nauczka, podczas odsiatki.


Tekst oryginalnyEdytuj

Well, I cheated on a math test,

teacher says I gotta pay.

Doin' time up at the schoolhouse

and it gets worse everyday.

I've done a lot of bad things,

as freedom wilted away.

I've seen a lot of sad things,

and it gets worse everyday.

I never was a bad guy,

'til I was put away.

Now I'm stealin', cheatin', lyin',

and it gets worse everyday.

They think I learned my lesson,

That crime just doesn't pay.

But stuck here in detention,

I have found another way.

I'm the baddest kid in the prison,

and I get worse everyday...

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