My Little Ones
Nazwa oryginalna: My Little Ones
Nazwa polska: ---
Wykonawcy: Richard
Odcinek: Bohater
My Little Ones jest to piosenka śpiewana przez Richarda w odcinku Bohater.


Tekst OryginalnyEdytuj

I remember when you were still little.

My little ones.

I was the giant, who picked you up, when you fell down.

And life was just one funny riddle.

My little ones.

We laughed everyday as the world went around.

I was the hero.

Who taught you how to talk.

I was the hero.

Who taught you how to walk.

And now you're no longer so little.

My little ones.

You'll see so much more than I ever will see.

And though I'm just dad, not a hero.

My little ones.

Being just dad's good enough for me.

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