No More Gi
Nazwa polska: ---
Nazwa oryginalna: No More Gi
Wykonawcy: Gumball i Darwin
Odcinek: Sztuki Walki
No More Gi jest to piosenka śpiewana przez Gumballa i Darwina w odcimku Sztuki Walki.


Gumball: Life's about abandoning, dream after dream.

Darwin: Hopes and expectations, float away downstream.

Gumball: It's time to kiss our childish ways goodbye.

Darwin: Grow up? Give mediocrity a try?

Gumball: The games, they have to stop.

Darwin: No more hi-yah!

Gumball: Not even a karate chop.

Razem: Face up to what maturity means, and forget about our martial arts dreams...

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