Pizza Rap
S2E8 Song.png
Nazwa oryginalna: Pizza Rap
Nazwa polska: ---
Wykonawcy: Richard
Odcinek: Praca
Pizza Rap jest to piosenka śpiewana przez Richarda w odcinku Praca.


Tekst oryginalnyEdytuj

RichardHere I am, I got a J-O-B
Earnin' plenty o' dough for my family
Yeah, I'm Richard Watterson, employee
So have some R-E-S-P-C-K-T
I got a pizza in the box
I got a cola in the bottle
And I'll get it to ya' faster when I'm pullin' on the throttle!
Mild or spicy, my flavors will exhilarate
You get them double-quickly when I'm twisting the accelerator!
Twisting the accelerator!
Twisting the accelerator!

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