What He Thinks About Us
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Nazway oryginalna: What He Thinks About Us
Nazwa polska: ---
Wykonawcy: Uczniowie
Odcinek: Słowa
What He Thinks About Us jest to piosenka śpiewana przez Darwina oraz klase w odcinku Słowa.


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Darwin (mówiony): I feel like...

Darwin: I feel like!

Ever since I was a young fish.

I always held my tongue.

Never spoke the words I felt inside and now my time has come.

I'd push my feelings deep deep down, now I'll tell the world.

Exactly what I think and feel about every boy and girl.

Reszta klasy: Every boy and girl!

Darwin: Yeah!

Reszta klasy: Gonna tell us what he thinks about us!

Gonna tell us what to do!

Gonna tell us what he thinks about us!

Gonna show us something new!

Darwin: Stop!

Masami's popular and funny, but your friends just like you for your money.

Reszta klasy: We only like you for your money!

Darwin: Jamie's rude and impolite because she's half cow half troglodyte.

Reszta klasy: She's half-cow half-troglodyte!

Darwin: Carrie thinks her style's unique but she's just one more emo freak.

Reszta klasy: She's just one more emo freak!

Darwin: Joe, your jokes are lame and lazy and you sing just like a dog with rabies!  

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